Monday, September 17, 2012

Look Who's Talking

Proud mommy moment yesterday 9/16 :)

While we were at Ace Hardware yesterday to buy a wall bracket for our TV1, I decided to “tie” my super active 16-month-old daughter (who kept on pulling me toward the balls - or actually balloons on display in one of the shelves) in her stroller so I can pay attention to what the sales person was saying about this particular bracket the we intend to buy.

Annoyed – the little girl tried to unlock the stroller straps while shouting “Mami! Mami!”

Since it wasn’t a life-and-death thing2, and she wasn’t crying with tears, I ignored her plead and continued listening to the sales talk to make sure that every peso that we will spend will be all worth it.

To hubby and I’s surprise, the baby, who was tied in her stroller, shouted:

“Mami, Dadi ball!!!”

The parents looked into each other, one of them with mouth open3.

Ooh lalala! My daughter just uttered her longest acceptable sentence so far :) 

So, I kissed her, took her out of her stroller and walked away from the salesman, and toward the balls.

Good bye Mr. Salesman :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1 To “hopefully” prevent our child from playing baseball with it.
2 Pardon the term :)
3 No, it wasn’t hubby :)



  1. Yay :)
    How's that for a start, Mars?!

  2. Hehe. Onga, nakakaloka! :)

  3. Ikaw kasi Mommy, di mo raw sya pinapansin hihi

  4. Dapat pala sa kids ginagalit paminsan-minsan. Hehe :)