Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Baby Sleep Positions


See, I told you -- the baby sleep position photo that I got the other day really made my day. So, I got the help of Google and found more here!

Fleur, check these out.

My Lia love does The Neck Scarf now, she loves being on top while she's still getting into her sleep momentum.

The Dog House though is still a bit of an alien to me. I know some girl friends who sleep on the bed with their babies, while the Daddy is on the floor. In our case, hubby and I bought a huge bed prior to having Lia - in our fervent HOPE that we won't ever get into this position :)

Aren't these photos so funny, yet so true? :)


  1. I love this hahaha! =) Si alvin kadalasan nandun na sa floor natutulog kasi natatakot dati baka mapisa daw namin si Anika =))

  2. lol! The first picture is hilarious!